FireFighter1 Hose Systems

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  • Why Choose FireFighter1 Hose Systems?

    • Small Investment in protection relative to your hard earned home
    • Quality Product built for the long-term
    • Patented Folded & Boxed Design for easy hose run-out during a stressful fire emergency & clean storage
    • Polypropylene Components to withstand pool water, chemicals and outdoor ailments
    • Built to be lightweight and easy-to-use for most property owners
    • FireFighter1 Hoses are UL Certified & pressure tested to 100 PSI
    • Spray water 40+ feet at a rate of 100+ GPM with a standard 2.7 HP pool pump
    • USA made components & built in the USA

    Simply connect our adapter to your pool pump with a 3-way diverter and then leave FireFighter1™ Hose available to quick-connect if fire risk is nearby.

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