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How to Use Pool Water to Help Fight Fire or Help Protect Your Home and Property From Fire or Wildfire.

What if Power is Turned Off or Out?

  • Many fire start at home with something simple like a BBQ mishap, smoker or other small incident where you have power and the ability to put out a small fire, before it turns into a huge disaster while waiting for fire professionals. 
  • FireFighter1 Systems are to be used while in safe proximity from fire to create defensible space when wildfire is a few miles away to protect property from flying embers AND/OR to put out an active property fire before it spreads and creates a wildfire. If the electricity has been turned off and evacuation orders in place, leave the property.
  • Many of our customers have backup generators, solar with battery or other personal power resources to depend on if power does become a factor and it is safe to stay to protect your property. 
    • Many states require the pool pump has an uninterrupted power source. A 4,000-5,000 Watt Generator dedicated to the pool pump will help you avoid that power loss.

What do I do when the Water Level Drops Below Skimmer?

Preparing to Drain Pool & Turning off the Skimmer (Helpful YouTube) 

1. Turn Off Your skimmer & Pull Water from Main Drain - Most pools now are designed to redirect flow to the Main Drain at the bottom of the pool when you simply turn off the skimmer. Check out your pool set-up, and plan to turn the skimmer diverter valve off, redirecting flow of water to the bottom drain. If it is not labeled already, Label it once you find out on your pool pump setup. 

2. Make Sure You Have a Float Valve Installed - Should be under your skimmer basket to redirect flow of water to the bottom of your swimming pool if the water level drops below the skimmer line. All pool owners should have this valuable tool installed to protect your pool pump from intaking air. If the water level ever drops, it will hopefully save your pump.

 3. Add drain plug under skimmer basket - To redirect flow of water to the bottom of your swimming pool when the water level drops below the skimmer line without issues. 

  • ALTERNATE OPTION - Use your Vacuum line - Open the Diverter Valve that controls the pool vacuum. Then, close the return lines that normally send water back to the pool and/or the skimmer. (Some systems have two return lines: one that returns water directly to the pool and another to the skimmer.) 
  • ALTERNATE OPTION - Play it safe and plug a suction hose _ Use the inlet return line port under the skimmer basket, that reaches the lowest point of the pool. 

How is FireFighter1 constructed?

FireFighter1 is built with UL certified hoses, pressure tested to 100 PSI and built to NFPA standards.  Constructed with an adjustable fog nozzle and Polypropylene quick-connect release end adapters for connecting to pool pump with 3-way diverter. 

How far can I spray pool water with a FireFighter1 Hose System?

With a standard 2.7HP Variable Speed Pool Pump, Pool water sprays 45 feet+. Pressure does drop when engine cycles, then returns.

How many Gallons Per Minute of Pool Water do you get with a FireFighter1 Hose?

We've calculated about 100+ GPM with a 2.7HP Standard Variable Speed Pool Pump

How Much Water Does a Swimming Pool Have?

The average swimming pool has 15,000-18,000 Gallons of Valuable Water Available. 


IMPORTANT: Test the method you use and set up for your swimming pool, each system is different and PVC piping setup can be unique.

Have the person responsible for maintenance help familiarize the FireFighter1 user with setup and best use practices.

It is recommended to practice using your FireFighter1 hose when installed, and once a year before each fire season. 


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