Meeting Water Source Requirements

FireFighter1 Systems Can Be Installed with Your Current Pool Equipment to Help Property Owners Meet Insurance Water Requirements, National, State & Local Water Source Access Requirements and/or Local Ordinances. 


How FireFighter1 Meets the Following National Fire Protection AgencyNFPA+1142  Water Source Requirements, or Can Be Configured to with a Dry Hydrant, Depending on Property:

  • Provide "Access to 10,000 Gallons + of Year-Round Water"
    • Usually, an average of 25,000+ of previously inaccessible pool water
  • "Piping Within 1,000 Feet of Main House"
  • Be "Located within 10 feet of the driveway or an approved utility road" to support a fire department drafting vehicle
    • If pool pump is more than 10 feet from an appropriate driveway, FireFighter1 contractors can run the PVC line up to a point within 10 feet of that "Approved Driveway"
  • "Installation By A Licensed Contractor"
  • "Hydrant Inspected Every 3-5 Years"
    •  We recommend testing every pre-fire season and every winter

    Standard Pool Piping Set-Up 

    Pool Piping Being Used for Water Access for Dry Hydrant



    Special Configurations to meet requirements Depending on Property & Local Fire Departments Plans 

    • "Engineered for a flow rate of 500 gpm by a qualified contractor" 
      • Flow rate may vary depending on local fire departments drafting vehicle pump size 
      • Fitted with a minimum of 6" to 8" of piping.
        • Pool piping begins generally at a 2" - 2 1/2". A "reducer" will be used if required by local fire department planning to enlarge output, with a minimum 6" PVC pipe, adapting to the required 5 1/2" screw type fire hose connection with a fitted dry-hydrant valve installed. Any local fire department can access if needed.
        • An alternate connection valve will be added for direct draw of water from pool piping to hoses fire personnel can also use directly.


    FireFighter1 Systems also encourages property owners who want to provide any resources available to help protect their hard earned properties to comply with SB63AB 38 & Other Fire Protection Compliance Ordinances for defensible space protection. 

    We want to help you be Fire Safe and are happy to speak with your insurance company or local fire department to have their team approve FireFighter1 and/or our Dry Valve Solution Systems for water source access. Using your current pool piping to satisfy water source requirements is a much more effective solution for every party involved, in addition to being preferred by many local fire entities.

    Email us your requests at Support@FireFireOn.Site