Install #1

Pipe before installation

This is a very easy install. A long vertical straight pipe connects the pool pump to the filter. That pipe was cut a little way up from the pump, then:

  1. The pipe attached to the pump was removed and the cut end  was cemented to the diverter
  2. The diverter port 180o to that in 1. was then cemented to the pipe from the filter
  3. Then the bottom pipe was shortened (having carefully determined how much to shorten it) so it could be used to re-connected to the pump at one end and the diverter at the other. Once the fit was established, it was cemented to the diverter and connected to the pump.
  4. Finally, the quick release was installed on the remaining diverter port
  5. Notice FireFighter1’s box stored by the pump
Diverter valve installed between the swimming pool pump and filter

Install #2

Typical installation between swimming pool pump and filter prior to FireFighter1 install

In this install, the elbow above the pump was cut off,  together with the tubing that connected it to the pump. Here is the order of diverter installation. The diverter valve was connected to the remaining tubing from the filter with a length of PVC tubing and couplings that placed the diverter immediately and precisely above the pump connection. Tubing then connected the diverter to the pump. All the parts were cemented only after being sure everything fit.

PVC piping after installation of diverter valve