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Got a Pool? Get a FireFighter1™ Fire Hose

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Simply connect FireFighter1™ Hose Systems to your pool pump with our adapter. Extract and spray valuable pool water 45+ feet, at a rate of 100+ GPM.

  • With a standard 2.7HP Variable Speed Pool Pump, water sprays 45+ feet.
  • The average swimming pool has 12,000-15,000 gallons of valuable water available.
  • FireFighter1™ hoses are UL certified and pressure tested to 150 PSI.
  • Includes adjustable fog nozzle and quick-connect release end with adapter for connecting to pool pump with 3-way diverter.

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Questions and Answers


Why Choose a FireFighter1 Hose instead of any other?

FireFighter1 Hoses are custom built with all US made Polypropylene Components to withstand pool water corrosion over the long term. Our hoses are constructed with UL Certified Hoses, pressure tested to 100 PSI and built to NFPA 1963 standards. 

Our hoses are also designed to be affordable, lightweight & easy to use for most property owners!

How far can I spray pool water with a FireFighter1 Hose System?

With a standard 2.7HP Variable Speed Pool Pump, Pool water sprays 45 feet+. Pressure does drop when engine cycles, then returns.

How many gallons per minute of pool water do you get with a FireFighter1 Hose?

We've calculated about 100+ GPM with a 2.7HP Standard Variable Speed Pool Pump.

How much water does a swimming pool have?

The average in-ground swimming pools hold 10,000 - 15,000 Gallons of Valuable Pool Water available. 

What should I keep in mind?

Test the method you use and set up for your swimming pool, each system is different and PVC piping setup can be unique. Have the person responsible for maintenance help familiarize the FireFighter1 user with setup and best use practices. It is recommended to practice using your FireFighter1 hose when installed, and once a year before each fire season. 


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