During Any Fire Emergency

  1. Do not panic
  2. Make sure you have contacted the local authorities and are in a safe location
  3. If available, establish a backup power source that could be available for the pool pump and other important resources if power goes out.
  4. Only use FireFighter1 if you are in safe proximity from fire and harm.


Using FireFighter1

This procedure assumes the FireFighter1 box or hanger is located adjacent to the pool pump. If the hose is likely to get tangled or caught on objects when extended, necessitating the FireFighter1 storage box to be placed further away, please see 

    1. If not already installed, connect FireFighter1 hose adapter to the output of the 3-way diverter valve installed on your pool pump
    2. Ensure the pool pump is off, then turn 3-way diverter to “On” position, engaging FireFighter1
    3. Make sure the pump is ready to turn on when you press “Start”, i.e.,  depending on the type of pump, you may need turn on the switch or time clock at the box where pump timer is programmed
    4. Grab the hose nozzle, twist to open fully and aim
    5. Turn the pool pump on at maximum speed
    6. Extend the fire hose completely, AIM & SPRAY!
    7. Ensure float valve is under skimmer basket and skimmer line is plugged so once water level drops, water flow will redirect from skimmer to bottom of pool. Every pool setup is different, familiarize yourself with how to operate your pool pump system. 
      1. Add drain plug under skimmer basket - To redirect flow of water to the bottom of your swimming pool when the water level drops below the skimmer line without issues. 


It’s A Good Idea To Practice Monthly In Fire Season & Annually Test System


This video shows how the storage boxed hose is run out with no tangling of the hose