Where to Put FireFighter1

 The FireFighter1 Hose Storage Box should be located as close to the pool pump as possible. In an emergency, this makes it easy to grab the hose nozzle, turn the pump on, set it to max speed, and redirect the pump output to the hose with the diverter valve without running back and forth. Then holding the nozzle you can go towards the point of danger while simultaneously pulling the hose out of the container. An example is on our main page. 

In some cases this may not work if there are obstacles that could tangle or otherwise interfere with pulling out the hose. Take a look at the Install #3 “after” photo and you will see a wall around the pool equipment, and the hose from the diverter going over the wall. The storage box in this case was over the wall and during fire season the hose was left permanently attached. 



When FireFighter1 is needed, turn on the diverter then the pump, and run around and grab the nozzle to run out the hose, Finally, fully turn on the nozzle.

The video below illustrates how this works for Install #3.