At Last, The Vision Emerges!

At Last, The Vision Emerges!

After years of anticipation, I am excited to be bringing the vision of FireFighter1 to life, making use of pool water during a fire emergency potentially available to all people with swimming pools. FireFighter1 was a project my father had envisioned, and he worked tirelessly to make it a reality in his later years of life. He was always creating things to make life better; Dad loved life. Although he was not able to completely fulfill that vision, his perseverance and belief of the product’s necessity made it impossible for me to leave the task unfinished. Fires are devastating and scary and people living in California understand first-hand how quickly a fire can change the course of one’s life. Every resource we have to help protect the assets we have all worked so hard for, while helping save valuable lives, is a resource we need.

Bringing FireFighter1 to property owners will provide the ability for over 3,000,000 structures in California alone to have their own fire hose defense system. Today, more than ever, it is the responsibility of the property owner to create defensible space. Fire professionals are asking for more assistance from homeowners while trying to handle the overwhelming task of fighting fires, which is increasing substantially each year. In 2020, CAL FIRE estimated and reported 4,257,863 acres burned, 33 confirmed lives lost and 10,488 structures damaged or destroyed due to fire. If half of those structures had a pool and access to the 25,000+ gallons of water, many of those incidents may have been prevented.

As active members of a society that together wants the long-term goal of a more beautiful and enjoyable California landscape, bringing FireFighter1 to pool owners is an exciting privilege. I hope the system will bring excitement and hope to people who, with reason, are in fear of the fire risk. It is a real concern we together have and contributing to fighting the problem is a dream fulfilled. Thank you to everyone who encouraged and helped make FireFighter1 a possibility and thank you for your interest in supporting FireFighter1.

Bianca & Ed 


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